Junior Interclub Competition Results

Mar 26, 2020

Junior Interclub Results‚ÄčI hope this email finds you all fit, well and safe, these are the most extraordinary of times and whilst it has only been 10 days or so since we suspended training it feels like a life time, and I'm sure it's no different for your guys. I hope that many of you are able to continue practicing your Karate in the safety of your own homes, gardens etc. It's important to exercise and maintain a routine where possible, not to mention the mental benefits that exercise can bring, even if its just 10-15 minutes a day.


Thank you to everyone who has actively posted videos and images on social media of you training, Hanshi has thoroughly enjoyed watching these on a daily basis and seeing you all practicing - so well done to everyone who has got behind the campaign to support us. Social Media and posting images isn't for everyone we totally understand that, so if you haven't posted but have been practicing then a big well done to you lot as well. There will be many students who continue to practice but don't post and that's fine we understand, but everyone deserves a shout out!


Please find enclosed the results of the Junior Inter-Club Competition that was held on Saturday 22nd February, there was some fantastic performances by all those who competed, some for the first time and showed tremendous courage and spirit just for getting up there and being part of it. Congratulations to everyone who came along and supported the event. A big thank you to the Judges and Officials who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything ran to time. Thank you!!!


Lastly, a massive thank you to all the NHS workers, emergency service personnel, shop owners and staff who work at supermarkets and the military who are all working incredibly hard to keep us all safe and ensuring that we are able to get the provisions we require. You are doing an incredible job in a very challenging time for our country, We wish you and your families all the very best wishes - Stay safe and take care of each other.




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