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Mar 22, 2020

I hope that you are all fit and well? Following on from Friday's announcement and the closure of all Leisure Services etc. We are trying to KIT (Keep In Touch) with all the students the best way we can without them forgetting about Karate and losing interest.


If you haven't already then take a look at the attached link, there are some really good tips on how you can do this... Takeaway 5 - is a really good idea for this comfortable to do this, it just depends on what technology you have and also that of your students...


Takeaway 5: Get the technology ready. You’ll need:

- a zoom meeting account ( or other videoconferencing software

- a decent laptop with a webcam;

- good broadband;

- possibly a phone so you can do some pre-recorded or “moving around” shots to share during the live session; and

- ideally (but not necessary) a decent wireless lapel microphone.

Disaster Mitigation Strategies for Martial Arts Clubs

(or “Don’t Panic, It’ll Be Fine and Here’s Why)

There are also other options such as Skype and also FaceTime on your phones for those who are with Apple. But they might prove trickier for larger groups etc. I believe Steve Ashby @ Kyoto and Perth SKA are both looking at doing something like this, or may have already done so. So worth connecting with those and asking them about it. This isn't going to be for everyone we know that and by no means are we saying you have to - just putting ideas out there to you all to think about and ways to stay engaged... 


If you have any good ideas then please share them with other people in the federation, we're all in the same boat... If students want to post any pictures of them practising at home then please do so on instagram or facebook.


Stay safe everyone!




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